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You name the style… we will design it for you:

  • Two Piece Suits
  • Three Piece Suits
  • Jodhpuris
  • Sherwanis
  • Indo Western Suits, and even  Dinner Suits (Tuxedos)
  • Safaris
  • Kurtas/Chudidhars
  • Pathanis/Salwars and of course,
  • Speciality garments for women!
Our responsibility does not end here, we will be by your side in recommending the right kind of fabric, colour & texture when you are out to make a purchase. Or still better, we will do all that for you… again to suit your profile… personal & professional as well!
“The uniforms depict the culture of an organization… the dynamics of its beliefs and bring all those who wear it, together blending them in one single identity… THE ORGANIZATION! 
We at Benz have become a dependable service provider for a plethora of organizations from equally myriad industry verticals.ome of the most prominent are:
Even importantly…
We understand that when our customers go out and make purchases for their clothes, they are investing monetarily and more importantly, emotionally. And while often times their purchase are driven by current trends and fancies, their own secret aspirations or simply for the joy of shopping, when it comes to wearing these fabrics they may not feel as joyous as when they bought the fabric.
We at Benz, routinely recommend the right fabric, the colour, the style and even the point of purchase. But then, we would like to go that extra mile for our precious customers… We also have on demand a range of fabric from some of the most renowned Indian and Overseas brands, to minimize the hassle of ‘shopping right’!
Just let us know your needs and we shall fulfill them, complimenting our experience and expertise to your requirements!


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